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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Shopping at Rodalink.com

    You can order from our website in 4 easy steps.

      Browse around our shop to find what you would like. After you have found the interested product, click on the product image which takes you through to the product detail page.
      Here you find the product details & product reviewed(if any) by our customer who bought it before.
      Then all you have to do is select the choices(if any) & click on the "Add to Cart" button.
    3. CART PAGE
      Review your order and make sure all the details are correct. If the order is correct, click on “Proceed to Checkout” or “Checkout with Paypal” to proceed with purchasing, otherwise click “Remove” or “Continue Shopping” to make changes to your current selection.
      If you are a first time customer, you may register a user account with us by clicking “Register Account”. Address information is automatically filled up unless you wish to have purchased item deliver to different address. Once you’re sure everything is correct, click “Proceed to Payment”.
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Latest Questions

  1. Payment Method Available

    Credit/ Debit card / Paypal
    Card Payments are processed throught third party payment gateway providers (ipay88) and supporting card may vary account countries.

    Bank Transfer
    Customer can perform transaction from ATM transfer or ebanking to us and update in Rodalink's confirm payment page.

    Online Banking
    We accept Online banking payment from Maybank , CIMB Bank, AmBank, RHB Bank , Hong Leong Bank , Affin Bank & Public Bank.

    We accept Boost e-wallet . Make sure you have sufficeint balance and make purchase through your e-wallet.

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  2. If purchase a bike from Rodalink.com, should we get free service?

    Yes, you're eligible to get 1 x free fine-tuning within the first 3 months from the date of purchase and only valid for the original owner and is not transferable.

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  3. How to Redeem My Points?

    Below are the steps to Redeem your Points at Rodalink.com:

    + Mobile version

    *For further explanation, you can read the point overview here.

    + Desktop version

    *For further explanation, you can read the point overview here.

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  4. How Do I Calculate My Points if A Return or Refund Happens?

    If there's any return and refund for transaction that was using point redemption, the points redeemed will be returned by the number of points used (maximum value of the product price) and if there's any balance left then it will be returned with funds (cash) through the initial payment method.

    Ilustration If There's Returned or Refunded Products:

    Point Information Before Purchase
    Initial Point 530 points 530 points
    Point conversion to RM RM 31,6 RM 31,6
    Refund <= Point Refund > Point
    Product Lamp Bottle Lamp Bottle
    Price RM  20 RM  30 RM   20 RM   30
    Subtotal RM  45 RM   45
    Redeemable Point to RM - RM  21 - RM   21
    Redeemable Point Conversion 350 Points 350 Points
    Remaining Payment RM  24 RM   24
    Refund Information
    Returned & Refunded Product - RM   30 RM   20 -
    Returned Point RM   30 RM  15
    Returned Point Conversion 500 Points 250 Points
    Returned Fund (Cash) - RM   5
    Point Earning Before Refund 8 Points 8 Points
    Point Reduction After Refund 8-5 = 3 Points 8-3 = 5 Points
    Final Point 530-350+500+3 = 683 Points 530-350+250+5 = 435 Points

    *Redeemable Point = Multiply of RM 3 (50 Points) with a maximum discount of 50% of your total purchase.
    *Prorate Discount = (Qty x Product price) / Purchase subtotal x discount
    Prorate Discount of Lamp = (1 x RM 20) / RM 45 x RM 21 = RM 9.33
    Prorate Discount of Bottle = (1 x RM 30) / RM 45 x RM 21 = RM 14 
    *Purchase Point Reduction = Product price x Prorate Discount
    Point Reduction for Lamp Purchases = RM 20 - RM 9.33 = RM 10.67 = 3 Points
    Point Reduction for Bottle Purchases = RM 30 - RM 14 = RM 16 = 5 Points
    *Point Earning = Payment / 3 (1 point for every RM 3) = A Result
    A Result – Purchase Point Reduction = B Result
    *Refund Illustration =< Point = RM 24 / RM 3 = 8 points 
    8 Points – 3 Points = 5 Points
    *Refund Illustration > Point = RM 24 / RM 3 = 8 points
    8 Points – 5 Points = 3 Points
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  5. Free Bike Tuning
    • Only single bike purchases above RM1000 will be entitled for the Free Bike Tuning Program.
    • Kindly click here to contact our customer services to receive your Free Bike Tunning Service Card.
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  6. Free Assembly
    • The bike(s) will be delivered in it’s original box condition, where it is 80% assembled.
    • The remaining 20% for a fully assembled bike, kindly reach out to our friendly customer service department here by providing us your order ID to redeem a free assembly service at any of our outlets nationwide.
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  7. Polygon Bike Warranty
    1. Warranty Coverage
      1. Polygon warranty only covers bike frame and non-suspension fork.
      2. ENTITY-branded parts and electricity components equipped on E-bike.
      3. Paint and sticker are not covered in this warranty.
      4. Warranty does not cover wear items such as: bearings, bushings, tires, tubes, rims, brake pads, brake and shifter cables-casings-hose, chains, gears, handle grips, bar tapes, and saddles which are subject to varying wear life depending on use, load, weather, road conditions etc.
      (*) Premature wear or defect will be taken into account in any claim involving a wear item.

    2. Warranty Coverage Period
      1. For bike frame and non-suspension fork:
        Coverage Warranty Period
        Alloy based frame and fork 10 years
        Carbon based frame and fork 5 years
        Steel based frame and fork 5 years
        Dual suspension series frame 5 years
        E-bike frame 5 years
        Trid & Trid ZZ series frame dan fork 2 years
      2. For ENTITY-branded electricity part/component : 2 (two) years since the date of purchase.

    3. Warranty is valid only for
      1. Bike / frame that is bought from Polygon authorized dealers/shops (proven by official invoice/receipt/warranty card).
      2. Bike / frame that is bought from Polygon authorized online stores Polygon www.polygonbikes.com (proven by official invoice/receipt/warranty card).
      3. The original owner and is not transferable.
      4. Registered purchase at www.polygonbikes.com or through Polygon authorized dealers/shops.

    4. Warranty may become void if
      1. The bike that has been modified either non-technically (i.e. repainted) or technically or both where the modification may impair the original specification and purpose (specification can be seen at www.polygonbikes.com).
      2. The bike has been ridden with abnormal condition, in a competition and/or commercial activities and/or other purposes where the original purpose of the bike is not met.
      3. There is a damage due to incompetence of not following owner’s manual.
      4. There is a usage of components that do not met technical and safety standards for bike riding (see usage guidelines for each components).
      5. The damage is caused by accident, force majeur, and natural disaster (i.e. flood, fire, earthquake).
      6. The bike is an ex-prototype or ex-demo bike.
      (*) For more information, please contact Polygon authorized dealers/shops or email us at here.

    5. Submitting Warranty Claim Guidelines
      1. Contact dealer/shop where the bike was originally purchased and describe the issue(s).
      2. Bring the bike to the dealer/shop and present your ID card.
      3. Warranty claims will be forwarded to Polygon Warranty Team with following evidence:
        • Bike frame number.
        • Picture(s) of defective part(s).
        • Picture(s) of the complete bike.
      4. The defective part(s) and bike may need to be sent to Polygon factory when necessary at owner’s cost.
      (*) The final decision of every warranty claim is taken under Polygon discretion.

    6. Warranty for Other Brands
      1. Claim for all non-Polygon brand parts, front suspension forks, and rear suspensions will be handled by each brand warranty policies.
      2. This part of the warranty statement covers all genuine parts including linkage frame, but does not cover non-Polygon brand parts, suspension fork, and rear suspension. All non-Polygon brand parts, suspension fork, and rear suspension will be handled by following each brand warranty policies.
      For further assistance, please contact us at here.

    7. Limitation of Warranty
      Unless otherwise provided, the sole remedy under the above warranty, or any implied warranty, is limited to the replacement of defective parts with those of equal or greater value at the sole discretion of Polygon.

      This warranty extends from the date of purchase, applies only to the original owner, and is not transferable.

      In no event shall Polygon be responsible for any direct, incidental or consequential damages, including, without limitation, damages for personal injury, property damage or economic losses, whether based on contract, warranty, negligence, product liability, or any other theory.

      When a warranty case is accepted and processed, the removal, assembly and tuning requirements of any components or frames is borne by the owner.

      For some country, Import Duty may be charged by Customs authority which become the responsibility of the owner.

      Any costs/inconvenience caused by the loss of use of the bicycle/components while the warranty process takes place is not covered by Polygon.
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  8. How to get the Points?

    You will get 1 point for every $1 purchase at Rodalink, apply multiples. The point will be calculated to your Rodalink account within a day after your purchase at Rodalink store or a week after your order from Rodalink.com has been delivered. For your attention that the point’s validity is up to 2 years from the date of purchase. You can check your points’ accumulation and validity here.

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