The differences between Home Delivery and Click & Collect

Created by Andry Kristianto Nov 14, 2022 06:30:17 AM Published in Delivery 210 Views.
  • Home Delivery means after completing the payment, the products will be delivered directly to the customer's address within 1-5 business days. Our customer care will inform the invoice via email.
  • Click & Collect means the product can be taken at the Rodalink Stores that you have chosen and it is free delivery. The products have always been checked by our team before being taken home by the customer. Our customer care will send a notification via email “Your order at RODALINK is ready for pickup: 400000xxxx.”

**Keep in mind that the Rodalink Stores option that appears in “Check Stock in the Nearest Stores” is the Rodalink Stores that has available stocks of all products contained in your shopping cart.

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