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  1. -50%
    Topeak Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap
    Topeak Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap
    Special Price RM 16.50
    RM 33.00
  2. Elite Novo Force Bike Trainer
    Elite Novo Force Bike Trainer
    RM 849.00
    0% Installment Plan RM 71.00
  3. Elite Arion Bike Roller
    Elite Arion Bike Roller
    RM 1,037.00
    0% Installment Plan RM 87.00
  4. Elite Qubo Power Mag Smart B+ Bike Trainer
    Elite Qubo Power Mag Smart B+ Bike Trainer
    RM 1,509.00
    0% Installment Plan RM 126.00
  5. Elite Tuo Bike Trainer
    Elite Tuo Bike Trainer
    RM 1,999.00
    0% Installment Plan RM 167.00
  6. Elite Nero Roller Cycletrainer
    Elite Nero Roller Cycletrainer
    RM 3,640.00
    0% Installment Plan RM 304.00
  7. Elite Direto XR-T Bike Trainer with Riser Block
    Elite Direto XR-T Bike Trainer with Riser Block
    RM 4,110.00
    0% Installment Plan RM 343.00
  8. Elite Direto XR Bike Trainer with Riser Block
    Elite Direto XR Bike Trainer with Riser Block
    RM 4,299.00
    0% Installment Plan RM 359.00
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Get The Best Bike Training in Malaysia!

Indoor cycling is a solution when weather factors can get in your way. You can still exercise and keep fit by cycling indoors using a bike trainer. Using a basikaltrainer can provide a number of benefits, such as saving time. For some people who don't have time to ride outdoor bicycles, but want to cycle every day, a bike trainer can be the right choice. There are several types of bike trainers like turbo trainers and rollers. Both of them have their own advantages.

Turbo trainer is a special tool that has an engine, where we will connect and install a bicycle on the tool. The main advantage of the turbo trainer is its connectivity with applications and monitoring, making this tool ideal for training that requires analyzed data and progress, which can be recorded and monitored via a bicycle gadget or smartphone. Meanwhile, a bicycle roller trainer is a tool consisting of a tube (roller) to hold the rotation rate of the bicycle wheel. Roller trainers don't need a source of power/electricity, so we can take them outside the room or anywhere. The Roller Trainer is also used to train the balance of the cyclist.

You can also use training bike accessories, such as training mats and sweat protectors, which can maximize your indoor cycling training! Not only that, find a heart rate monitor to monitor your heart rate while you do indoor cycling. There are so many choices of bike trainers and accessories according to the type and renowned brand, visit Rodalink Malaysia's website and get anything you need!

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Do you live in Malaysia and have been searching for "Bicycle, bike, training, bike trainer, bicycle trainer, kedai basikal, kedai basikal near me" lately? You're at the right place! We offer great deals on high-quality bike training. If you are looking for a roller or turbo trainer bike Malaysia, you can visit a trusted bike shop, Rodalink Malaysia. To help you choose the best trainer bike for your needs, Rodalink provides information about different types of trainer bikes and their accessories.

We are one of Malaysia's largest online bike shops, and we prioritize the combination of great prices and excellent customer service we offer. Our site offers a wide variety of bikes and accessories, which you can browse easily. And if you decide to purchase one, we'll deliver it straight to your door—for free! We provide various types of basikal trainers that you might need! You can find a roller or boost adaptor, training mat, or turbo trainer. Of course, we offer the best prices for all these types of bike trainers.

We want you to be delighted with the products you purchase from us. Learn more about a wide range of types of training bikes by taking a look at ratings, customer reviews, and product specifications before making your decision! You can save money by keeping an eye out for ongoing promos, discounts, and coupons.

On the leading online shopping destination, you can shop for a variety of reasonably priced training bike options. You can find training bikes from the lowest prices to the highest price points and renowned brands—like Elite, Garmin, and Topeak—that don't require any compromises on quality or style, Rodalink Malaysia bike shop has it all for you! Rodalink Malaysia contains millions of durable and excellent products, not only bikes but also cycling shoes, cycling outfits, and protection plus—your whole kit if you're going to ride indoors. Rodalink Malaysia is the best place to shop!

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