Delivery - FAQs

  1. Delivery method at

    Currently, Rodalink has 2 delivery methods, namely "Store Pick Up" (if the stock is available at the store) and "Home Delivery". The delivery cost of the “Store Pick up” option is free. Meanwhile, for the "Home Delivery" option, Rodalink is currently using the services of third parties, those are Urban Fox & Delver and the delivery cost is listed below:

    Total Purchases Delivery Cost Delivery Option
    Total purchase value below $100 $5.00 Urban Fox
    Total purchase value above $100 $10.00 Urban Fox
    Child seat & bike trainer $10.00 Urban Fox
    Bike purchase $35.00 Delver

    For further explanation, you can read the delivery overview here.

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  2. Delivery Overview
    1. Delivery Terms & Conditions
      1. Products Delivery is based on product stock availability.
      2. Every product Delivery always includes an invoice that will be sent by email.
      3. Rodalink uses the services of a third party (courier) for delivery the products.
      4. Several products in one purchase could be sent separately from several Rodalink stores depending on stock availability.
    2. Bicycle & Non-Bicycle Delivery
      For bicycles sent using Delver while non-bicycle and frame sent using Urban Fox. The estimated delivery time described as follows:
      Category Delivery Courier
      Non-Bicycle 2-5 business days Urban Fox
      Bicycle 4-7 business days Delver
      For bicycle purchases

      The process will take around 4-7 business days due to assembly and checking before the delivery arrangement. Delivery can be done on any day once the bike is ready to be delivered. The customer support will send you a prior email notification to inform the delivery schedule.
    3. Store Pick Up
      You can now Click & Collect your order by using our “Store Pick Up” service. The service is now available for all products (except bikes) as long as it’s available in store.
      1. What Happens After I Choose This Method?
        You will receive emails with the details of your order. Once your order is ready to be collected, you will receive an email notification.
      2. How Do I Collect My Order?
        To collect your order, simply meet one of our team at the store for assistance. Do bring along your ID and email notification to collect your order.
      3. How Long Do I Have To Collect My Order?
        Please collect your orders within 7 days of receiving email notification.
      4. What Happens If I Unable To Collect My Order Within 7 Days?
        Your order will be cancelled and will be refunded to your account.
      5. Can I Return My Product As Well When Using Store Pick Up Service?
        Yes, you can. Please check our Return and Refund terms accordingly.
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  3. The differences between Home Delivery and Store Pick Up
    • Home Delivery means after completing the payment, the products will be delivered directly to the customer's address within 2-5 business days for non-bike and 4-7 business days for bike purchases. Our customer care will inform the invoice via email.
    • Store Pick Up means the product can be taken at the Rodalink Store that you have chosen and it is free delivery. The products have always been checked by our team before being taken home by the customer. Our customer care will send a notification via email “Your order at RODALINK is ready for pickup: 300000xxxx.”

    **Keep in mind that the Rodalink Store option that appears in “Check Stock in the Nearest Store” is the Rodalink Store that has available stocks of all products contained in your shopping cart.

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  4. Why I can't find the "Store Pick Up" option during the checkout process?

    You can't find the store pick up option due to the stock of your chosen product doesn't available at the store. Therefore your chosen product only can be delivered to your address using Home Delivery option.

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  5. Does ship overseas?

    Sorry, currently Rodalink Singapore does not serve overseas shipment. We only serve the delivery within Singapore.

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