Promotion & Voucher

Promotion & Voucher - FAQs

  1. How to get updates from Rodalink Singapore?

    You can get the updates and promotions on Rodalink through:

    • Visit the website periodically.
    • Subscribe to our newsletter (check our front page / homepage at the bottom side).
    • Follow Rodalink Singapore's Facebook and Instagram page.
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  2. I already made an order without entering a voucher code. Can you put it in later?

    Sorry, we cannot add the voucher code for the order that was made. However, you can use the voucher code for future transactions.

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  3. Can I use more than 1 (one) voucher code in 1 (one) transaction?

    Each transaction can only use a single voucher code.

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  4. Does the promotion that applies at also apply at Rodalink Stores?

    Promotions that apply at may not necessarily apply at Rodalink Stores. We will inform the promotion is only valid at or vice versa.

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  5. How to use voucher code for transaction?

    You can enter the voucher code on the checkout page in the "Voucher Code" column.

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