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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to get updates from Rodalink Singapore?

    You can get the updates and promotions on Rodalink through:

    • Visit the Rodalink.com/sg website periodically.
    • Subscribe to our newsletter (check our front page / homepage at the bottom side).
    • Follow Rodalink Singapore's Facebook and Instagram page.
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  2. Update Notice during Covid-19

    Update Notice: 04 August 2021

    In line with the Multi-Ministry Taskforce’s advisory on the gradual resumption of business services in phases, Rodalink is now open in Phase 2. Currently, you can shop at Rodalink online store or visit our stores directly to get your desired items.

    In this Covid-19 Circuit Breaker situation, Rodalink will keep serving your needs with some service changes as we already prepared the system aligned with the Circuit Breaker Measure that the government announced to keep you safe during the visit to Rodalink stores. Below are the details:

    1. All Rodalink Stores still open every day with the following opening hours:
      1. Monday-Saturday at 11 AM till 8 PM
      2. Sunday at 11 AM till 4 PM
    2. Prevention measure at Rodalink Stores during the circuit breaker period:
      1. All staffs will wear a reusable mask all times & monitor the temperature twice a day

      2. Increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfection at stores
      3. Physical distancing with mark the floor within 1 meter apart for queuing
      4. Limitation the number of the customer inside the store
      5. Customer need to press the doorbell if customer want to go inside the store

      6. Customers will undergo temperature screening and submit health declaration. Anyone with a temperature above 37.4C will not be allowed to enter the store.

      7. The sanitizer will be provided before entry and at the cashier counter

      8. Currently, Rodalink stores don't accept any kind of bike service and maintenance. we just serve for purchased products. 
    3. You can purchase your desired products both online and at the store directly while maintaining hygiene and safety management principles. Below is the detail of the delivery process during Phase 2 of Circuit Breaker:
      1. Non-Bike will be delivered within 3-6 business since your order made
      2. The bike delivery will take longer processing up to 2 weeks due to we need to do an assembly and physical checking first to ensure the bike we delivered is in good condition. There is 2 bike delivery option on Wednesday and Friday at around 4 PM till 6 PM every week.
    4. The refund process will take a longer process time up to 2 weeks.

    Rodalink will continue to improve on the health and safety measures in accordance with the Ministry of Health guidelines at all of our stores and stockrooms with mandatory temperature checks twice a day and safe distancing measures in place. Therefore, don't hesitate to visit Rodalink store because we are here to make sure you have a great ride every day!"

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  3. Shopping at Rodalink.com

    Below are the steps for shopping at Rodalink.com:

    1. Login or Register first before shopping

    2. Choose the product through the search bar or category menu

    3. Check the shopping cart and make sure the products you select are correct

    4. Choose the shipping method: home delivery or store pick up

    5. Fill in your shipping address and choose the payment method

    Choose the payment method here.

    6. Finish, your order will be processed soon.

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  4. Assembled Bikes in Box Return & Refund Policy

    Assembled Bike in Box Products purchased online can be returned to Rodalink store for a refund or exchange.

    1. Register your request to return/exchange to our Customer Care here with the order number, and attach a photo of the defective item, if any.
    2. A return address will be emailed to you by our Customer Care, upon acceptance of your return request.
    3. Exchange/ Return of your purchase must be made within 14 days from the delivery/ collection date of purchase. The shipping costs will be excluded unless the item is faulty or out of stock situation.
    4. All merchandise must be returned in its original condition (with handlebar & pedal uninstalled) with packaging and tags all intact. If you're not able to return the bike with the box, then the price of box will be charged.
    5. Your return package with trackable status is encouraged. Rodalink will not be responsible for any lost package sent through non-trackable mailing options.
    6. The Returned/ exchanged item will be checked once it has been received. Please allow 14 days from our receipt of your returned package for any refund to be made.
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  5. The kind of product that can be pre-ordered

    At this moment we're serving pre-orders for the bicycles only and we haven't received pre-orders for spareparts, apparels and accessories for a while. However there will be possible that someday we will run a pre-order for those product.

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  6. How to Check the My Points?

    Below are the steps to check your Points at Rodalink.com:

    + Mobile version

    1. Login to your Rodalink.com/sg first

    2. Select the "Reward Activity" menu and you can check the point information as below:

    + Desktop version

    1. Login to your Rodalink.com/sg first

    2. Select the "Reward Activity" menu and you can check the point information as below:

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  7. Online pre-order steps

    Below is the steps for having pre-order:

    1. Online Pre-order:
      1. After our Customer Care confirmed that the bike you're looking for can be pre-ordered, then you need to complete the data below:
        • Full name :
        • Phone number :
        • Chosen store to pick up your bike :
        • Bike and its specification :
      2. You will receive a payment invoice in a separate email. Kindly complete the payment via Paypal or Credit Card.
      3. If the product is available, our team will send an email notification to you.

    2. Store Pre-order:
      1. After our Customer Care confirmed that the bike you're looking for can be pre-ordered, then you need to complete the data below:
        • Full name :
        • Phone number :
        • Chosen store to pick up your bike :
        • You arrival at store to make a payment :
        • Bike and its specification :
      2. You need to make a payment directly to the store. Payment can be made via Visa & Master Card, OCBC, DBS, UOB and POSB.
      3. If the product is available, our team will call or send you an email notification.

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  8. Assembled Bikes in Box

    Is it possible to get free shipping for my bike purchase?
    Is it possible to expedite the bike delivery to my home?

    We have heard your requests! Stay fit with cycling is now faster and more convenient. Rodalink Singapore comes with an Assembled Bikes in Box option for you. Get more benefits by adding these items to your cart.

    So, what is Assembled Bikes in Box?
    Assembled Bikes in Box is an option for bike purchase where you can get your bike in 99% assembled conditions. The only thing left to do is just adjust the handlebar and equip the pedals by yourself. The bike will be sent with an instruction and folding tool - you just need to scan the barcode inside the guide and see the instruction video online. Easy to apply and only take 5 minutes!

    By choosing this bike option, you can get the bike faster (only takes around 3-5 working days) and you will enjoy free shipping of the bike straight to your door. This can be an alternative for you who loves to get your bike as soon as possible.

    What are the differences between 99% Bike and the regular one?

    Assembled Bikes in Box Regular
    Form of bike received by customer Customers will only need to adjust and equip the handlebar and the pedals by following instructions provided. Customers will receive the bike in full-assembly, ready to ride.
    Free Shipping worth $25 Yes No
    Processing time 3-5 days More than 3-5 days
    Next day delivery option Available
    For Terms & Conditions, click here.
    Not available

    How can I know if the bike that I am interested in is available in the Assembled Bikes In Box option?

    Simply find a bike picture with “Assembled Bikes” mark, choose the bike variant that you want and check out! Enjoy the benefits of purchasing the bike.

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Latest Questions

  1. Terms and Conditions of Sale

    Thank you for your interest in purchasing products on RODALINK.com. By ordering in RODALINK (“RODALINK”, “we”) website, you (“Customer”, “you”) agree with RODALINKTerms and Conditions of Sale (“Terms”). Please read in detail to fully understand your purchase in RODALINK. We reserve the right to modify or amend these terms from time to time without notice. 

    1. Product. Each Product offered for sale on the Website including the specification, is subject to change, as we noted on the individual product page, can be viewed by following a dedicated link displaying the Product details, including images, unit pricing, colours and sizes (as applicable). 
    2. Product. A description of the Products, including measurements or sizes (if applicable), together with one or more images of the Product will be displayed in the Customer's Cart. 
    3. Product. Although RODALINK takes reasonable steps to ensure that the photographs displayed on the Website accurately reflect the original Products, there may be some discrepancies due to the technical characteristics and colour resolution of the device used by the Customer. RODALINK shall not be responsible for inadequacy of the graphic representations of the Products displayed on the Website. Any measurements or specifications of the Products given are approximate only, and colours, fabrics and designs of the Products displayed, and the Products delivered to the Customer, may vary in minor respects. 
    4. Price. The Product prices are stated in Singapore Dollar (SGD), GST included. The prices are subject to change by time to time and without notice. Any promotions regarding the price may vary following the promotions scheme. 
    5. Orders. When placing an order on RODALINK.com, the Customer may purchase one or more Products, up to a maximum of X units per Product, except as otherwise provided. RODALINK reserves the right to vary these limitations at its discretion at any time.  You’ll need to make a RODALINK account and provide the information needed. If there’s any cancellation of orders, you will receive a refund of the order accordingly. 
    6. Orders. The Products selected for purchase by the Customer shall be placed into the Customer’s “cart” section of the Website ("Cart"). Items placed in a Customer’s Cart are not reserved for that individual Customer and may still be purchased by other Customers. 
    7. Orders. Before confirming the relevant Order, the Customer must check the accuracy of the contents of the “Cart” and complete the Order form in accordance with the instructions provided on the Website. 
    8. Orders. The Order process is completed as soon as the Customer clicks the relevant final Order confirmation button ("Place Order"), thereby confirming his/her Order, which will be submitted to RODALINK. 
    9. Payment. Payment must be done prior to the shipment. We offer you four options of payment at the moment: Visa & Mastercard, OCBC Credit Card Installment, AliPay and WeChatPay. We reserve the right to change the payment option at any time for any reason. For the OCBC Credit Card Installment, please refer to the OCBC Installment TNC
    10. Shipping. You may choose between Home Delivery or Pick Up Store method to collect your items in our Rodalink Stores. Please read more on our Shipping Method details. 
    11. Return and Exchange. Please refer to Return and Exchange Policy for more details.  
    12. Warranty and After Sales Service. Most of the products at Rodalink are covered by warranty. You have the right to return any defective product, as long as it complies with the brand’s warranty terms and conditions. Please refer to Polygon bikes warranty and Marin bikes warranty for more details. 
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  2. How to update the personal information on my account?

    You can update your account information as follows:

    • Phone Number
    • Date of Birth
    • Gender
    • Email Address
    • Rodalink.com Account Password

    Below are the steps to update your personal information:

    + Mobile version

    1. Login to your Rodalink.com account and choose “My Account”

    2. Update account information.

    + Dekstop version

    1. Login to your Rodalink.com account and choose “My Account”

    2. Update account information.

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  3. How to Redeem My Points?

    Below are the steps to Redeem your Points at Rodalink.com:

    + Mobile version

    *For further explanation, you can read the point overview here.

    + Desktop version

    *For further explanation, you can read the point overview here.

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  4. How Do I Calculate My Points if A Return or Refund Happens?

    If there's any return and refund for transaction that was using point redemption, the points redeemed will be returned by the number of points used (maximum value of the product price) and if there's any balance left then it will be returned with funds (cash) through the initial payment method.

    Ilustration If There's Returned or Refunded Products:

    Point Information Before Purchase
    Initial Point 530 points 530 points
    Point conversion to SGD $ 10,6 $ 10,6
    Refund <= Point Refund > Point
    Product Lamp Bottle Lamp Bottle
    Price $   10 $     5 $   10 $     5
    Subtotal $   15 $   15
    Redeemable Point to SGD - $     7 - $     7
    Redeemable Point Conversion 350 Points 350 Points
    Remaining Payment $     8 $     8
    Refund Information
    Returned & Refunded Product - $    5 $   10 -
    Returned Point $    5 $7
    Returned Point Conversion 250 Points 350 Points
    Returned Fund (Cash) - $3
    Point Earning Before Refund 8 Points 8 Points
    Point Reduction After Refund 8-2 = 6 Points 8-5 = 3 Points
    Final Point 530-350+250+6 = 436 Points 530-350+350+3 = 533 Points

    *Redeemable Point = Multiply of $1 (50 Points) with a maximum discount of 50% of your total purchase.
    *Prorate Discount = (Qty x Product price) / Purchase subtotal x discount
    Prorate Discount of Lamp = (1 x $10) / $15 x $7 = $4.67
    Prorate Discount of Bottle = (1 x $ 5) / $ 15 x $ 7 = $ 2.33 
    *Purchase Point Reduction = Product price x Prorate Discount
    Point Reduction for Lamp Purchases = $ 10 - $ 4.67 = $ 5.33 = 5 Points
    Point Reduction for Bottle Purchases = $ 5 - $ 2.33 = $ 2.67 = 2 Points
    *Point Earning = Payment / 1 point for every $1 = A Result
    A Result – Purchase Point Reduction = B Result
    *Refund Illustration =< Point = $ 8 / $ 1 = 8 points 
    8 Points – 2 Points = 6 Points
    *Refund Illustration > Point = $ 8 / $ 1 = 8 points
    8 Points – 5 Points = 3 Points
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  5. What is the Difference Between The Points on Rodalink.com/sg and Rodalink Stores?

    The difference is only in the number of multiples points that can be redeemed. Here is the explanation:

    Rodalink.com/sg Rodalink stores
    Points earned 1 point per $ 1 transaction (applies multiples)
    When customer get the points A week after shipped A day after the transaction
    Points can be redeemed Every 50 points (applies multiples)
    Point conversion to SGD 1 point = $ 1 (applies multiples)
    Point redemption limit Max 50% of total purchase Unlimited
    Points validity period 2 years from the transaction date
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  6. How to Calculate My Redeemable Points?

    Point Redemption on Rodalink.com/sg
    Redemption can be done with a multiple of $1 (50 points is redeemable to $1) with a maximum discount of 50% of your total purchase.

    + The illustration of Point Redemption on Rodalink.com/sg:
    Point Information Before Purchase
    Your Current Point 530 points
    Point Conversion to SGD $ 10,6
    Product Price
    Lamp $    10
    Bottle $      5
    Subtotal $    15
    Maximum Redemption ($)
    Maximum Redemption (Point)
    *multiply of $1 (50 points) with a maximum discount of 50% from the total purchase )
    $      7
    350 points

    Point Conversion to SGD -$      7
    Remaining Payment $      8
    Point Information After Purchase
    Point Earning
    *Rounding down of your remaining payment/$1
    $      8
    8 points
    Your Final Point
    (Point Before Purchase - Max Redemption) + Point Earning= Final Earning Points
    (530 - 350) + 8 Points = 188 points
    188 points
    Final Point Conversion to SGD $ 3,76

    Point Redemption at Rodalink Store
    Redemption can be done with a multiple of $1 (50 points).

    + The illustration of Point Redemption on Rodalink stores:
    Point Information Before Purchase
    Your Current Point 530 points
    Point Conversion to SGD $    10
    Product Price
    Lamp $    10
    Bottle $      5
    Subtotal $    15
    Redeemable Point (Point)
    *multiply of $1 (50 points) with a maximum discount of 50% from the total purchase )
    500 points

    Point Conversion to SGD -$    10
    Remaining Payment $      5
    Point Information After Purchase
    Point Earning
    *Rounding down of your remaining payment/$1
    5 points
    Your Final Point
    (Point before purchase – Redeemable point) + Point Earning
    (530 - 500) + 5 = 35 points
    35 points
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  7. How to get the Points?

    You will get 1 point for every $1 purchase at Rodalink, apply multiples. The point will be calculated to your Rodalink account within a day after your purchase at Rodalink store or a week after your order from Rodalink.com has been delivered. For your attention that the point’s validity is up to 2 years from the date of purchase. You can check your points’ accumulation and validity here.

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  8. The waiting time for having pre-order

    Pre-order waiting time is between 4-6 weeks from the date of a completed pre-order submission depending on the product availability.

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