Which Rodalink store has this product?

Created by Andry Kristianto Nov 14, 2022 06:02:08 AM Published in Product 312 Views.

Here are the steps to find out at which Rodalink Outlets the product is available:

  1. Search the product you want at search bar.
  2. Select the product variant (if any), then click "Check Store Near You" located under the "Add to Cart" button. You can see which Rodalink stores have stock of these product variants.
  3. If the result is "We can't find products matching the selection", then the product is only available in our warehouse and can only be purchased through www.rodalink.com/my
  4. If the product you are looking for cannot be found on our website, then you can make pre-order of those products by contacting our team at here.
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