Polygon Bikes Introduces The First Power Assist Pedelec Models

Polygon Path-E - Path-E is the 1st Polygon's pedelec (pedal electric bicycle) city bike supported with an electric pedal-assist system component starting to operate through rider's pedaling power. With the help of the attached system, riders don't need to pedal as hard as riding a conventional bike, but still doing a workout and enjoying the city scenery. Path-E requires less effort to brings you further and faster. Path-E series is available in two version: Path-E Gent and Path-E Lady offering the same fun, freedom and easier city riding.

Path-E is different than Electric Bike & Motorcycle
The rider needs to pedal to operate the electric pedal-assist system component on the bike. Pedelec will stop when the rider stops pedaling the bike. Electric bike & motorcycle can be operated with its motor system, without rider's pedaling power

Path E Geometri

Polygon Path-E Advantages

Using rider's pedaling power to move the bike and using high-quality and fast charged lithium-ion battery. Polygon Path-E is good for the environment as it does not require any fuel and emit CO2

Path E Battery  Path E Baterai

Healthy Lifestyle
Path- E as a pedelec needs pedaling movement which is good for physical fitness while making riding convenient, easy and effortless (electric pedal-assist system component can be set in ON/OFF mode). Polygon Path- E enables riders of mixed abilities/fitness to ride together - shortens the time, distance, and flattens out the hills. This bike is particularly useful for elderly and rider with sports injury history who may no longer have the capacity for strenuous riding.

Path E Speed  Path E Velocimeter

Safety for Riders & Others
The electric pedal-assist system component will stop working when rider's speed reaches 25 km/h. The pedal-assist component is water resistant - rider doesn't need to worry during rain or cross water puddle. Path-E has stable control, maximum brake performance and less-effort acceleration to normal riding reducing the possibility of serious injury or physical damage

Get To Know Polygon Path-E

Overall Performace
Path-E is offering a convenient, silent and smooth ride. Path-E is created for everyone and enables riders of different abilities and fitness to ride together. With the help of the attached electric pedal-assist system, riders don't need to pedal nearly as hard as riding a conventional bike - but still can ride anywhere around the city. Rider is still doing most of the legwork but will beat any steep climbs and reach greater distances effortlessly.

Electric Pedal Assist System
Using Shimano STEPS E-6010 drive unit offering powerful and quiet assist system. Providing easy to read computer display controlling the battery, assist mode, current speed and ranges indicators. 

Path E fitur

Specific Geometry

Path-E is available in two version: Path-E Gent and Path-E Lady. Designed with perfect geometry specifically for man and woman while offering same fun, freedom and easier city riding.

Path E thumbnailFunctional Supporting Parts

Path- E is equipped with the fender, rear carrier & front light for long distance city riding

Path E Part

For more information on Path-E please visit this link right here for a better cycling experience!

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