Road Bike Experience : From Cycling Jersey To Lights

Cycling Jersey - If you don’t want to engage in a muddy environment as this rainy season approaching, you can try the road riding instead of MTB riding. Road riding has its own fun since you can engage in a very fast riding with city view. There are some important things you need to prepare before starts your road riding adventure. Cycling jersey, short and helmets are among those things that you need. Here is a list of what to prepare!

Road Bike
You need to have a road bike for cycling on the road. It is because of course, the suspension on MTB bike will be wasting your energy as you ride on the smooth road. Road biking is a fun way to improve your fitness, meet up with new people and absorb your environs at a slower pace than possible from a speeding automobile. These bikes offer speed, agility, and efficiency. These road bikes usually developed with an aerodynamic design to help you gain the speed you need.

Strattos S7

Polygon Divine R5

At Rodalink we have several types of road bikes ready for you to choose from. From Polygon we have Stratos series and Helios series. Recently Divine series that made for women also available at Rodalink. If you like to have Marin road bikes, you can try the Gestalt series. Cycling jersey, shorts, and other apparel can later choose to match the design of the bike that you have.

Polygon Helios LT9

Marin Gestalt

Cycling Apparel
This part of the preparation is quite complicated because there are a lot of items you have to choose. Starts from cycling jersey to cycling short, then you need to choose your shoes and socks. Gloves and eyewear also included in the item list that you need during the ride.

Bellwether Heritage JerseyBellwether Peak JerseyBellwether Phase Jersey

Cycling jersey and short available in our line-up are from Bellwether with colors and pattern variant for you to choose. Road shoes have the stiffest soles among other types of cycling shoes, made of nylon, composite materials or carbon for maximum pedaling efficiency and minimum weight. These shoes usually have lightweight ventilated uppers made from leather or synthetic leathers with mesh for breathability. In our store, we have Fizik and Shimano available for you to choose from. Selection of Bellwether and All Mountain Style socks are available to accompany your cycling shoes.

Shimano ShoesFizik Shoes

Choices of gloves are purely based on the cyclist taste and comfort. At Rodalink store you can find the selection of gloves from Giro, Bellwether and 100%. Eyewear is also something you should consider to bring during your road-adventure. Functioned as eye protector from unknown objects and blazing sun. Eyewear line-up at Rodalink consists of Polygon sunglasses and Shimano sunglasses. Just make sure your glasses and gloves match your cycling jersey.

Safety Gear
Safety is important especially if you are cycling fast on the street of Singapore. The helmet is the first one. Riding a bike with helmet helps save the rider’s head from impact if there is an accident. The helmet also acts as a good fashion item for the cyclist. Especially if the colors or the look match the cycling jersey and the bike. At Rodalink we have a wide selection of helmets such as Polygon, Polisport, Giro, Met, Bell, and Limar. Other than the helmet, you should also prepare some bicycle lamp for rainy days or night ride. Lights will make sure the other street user will notice a cyclist in a low visual environment. Cateye and D-Lights are two brand selections of light that you can find at Rodalink store.

So, what are you waiting for? Find your own cycling jersey, short, shoes, gloves, and all other items to embrace the track today!

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