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Road Cycling 101; What You Need To Know When Buying a Road Bike

What You Need To Know When Buying A Road Bike

Buy Road Bike - Before you get the bike that you need, do your own research. You will need to see several types of road bicycles before deciding on your first one - this experience might be little overwhelming at first - no worries! Check this guide out for you to be able to find your own.

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Road Bike Experience : From Cycling Jersey To Lights

Cycling Jersey - If you don’t want to engage in a muddy environment as this rainy season approaching, you can try the road riding instead of MTB riding. Road riding has its own fun since you can engage in a very fast riding with city view. There are some important things you need to prepare before starts your road riding adventure. Cycling jersey, short and helmets are among those things that you need. Here is a list of what to prepare!

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