Road Bike Experience : From Cycling Jersey To Lights

Cycling Jersey - If you don’t want to engage in a muddy environment as this rainy season approaching, you can try the road riding instead of MTB riding. Road riding has its own fun since you can engage in a very fast riding with city view. There are some important things you need to prepare before starts your road riding adventure. Cycling jersey, short and helmets are among those things that you need. Here is a list of what to prepare!

Road Bike
You need to have a road bike for cycling on the road. It is because of course, the suspension on MTB bike will be wasting your energy as you ride on the smooth road. Road biking is a fun way to improve your fitness, meet up with new people and absorb your environs at a slower pace than possible from a speeding automobile. These bikes offer speed, agility, and efficiency. These road bikes usually developed with an aerodynamic design to help you gain the speed you need.

Strattos S7

Polygon Divine R5

At Rodalink we have several types of road bikes ready for you to choose from. From Polygon we have Stratos series and Helios series. Recently Divine series that made for women also available at Rodalink. If you like to have Marin road bikes, you can try the Gestalt series. Cycling jersey, shorts, and other apparel can later choose to match the design of the bike that you have.

Polygon Helios LT9

Marin Gestalt

Cycling Apparel
This part of the preparation is quite complicated because there are a lot of items you have to choose. Starts from cycling jersey to cycling short, then you need to choose your shoes and socks. Gloves and eyewear also included in the item list that you need during the ride.

Bellwether Heritage JerseyBellwether Peak JerseyBellwether Phase Jersey

Cycling jersey and short available in our line-up are from Bellwether with colors and pattern variant for you to choose. Road shoes have the stiffest soles among other types of cycling shoes, made of nylon, composite materials or carbon for maximum pedaling efficiency and minimum weight. These shoes usually have lightweight ventilated uppers made from leather or synthetic leathers with mesh for breathability. In our store, we have Fizik and Shimano available for you to choose from. Selection of Bellwether and All Mountain Style socks are available to accompany your cycling shoes.

Shimano ShoesFizik Shoes

Choices of gloves are purely based on the cyclist taste and comfort. At Rodalink store you can find the selection of gloves from Giro, Bellwether and 100%. Eyewear is also something you should consider to bring during your road-adventure. Functioned as eye protector from unknown objects and blazing sun. Eyewear line-up at Rodalink consists of Polygon sunglasses and Shimano sunglasses. Just make sure your glasses and gloves match your cycling jersey.

Safety Gear
Safety is important especially if you are cycling fast on the street of Singapore. The helmet is the first one. Riding a bike with helmet helps save the rider’s head from impact if there is an accident. The helmet also acts as a good fashion item for the cyclist. Especially if the colors or the look match the cycling jersey and the bike. At Rodalink we have a wide selection of helmets such as Polygon, Polisport, Giro, Met, Bell, and Limar. Other than the helmet, you should also prepare some bicycle lamp for rainy days or night ride. Lights will make sure the other street user will notice a cyclist in a low visual environment. Cateye and D-Lights are two brand selections of light that you can find at Rodalink store.

So, what are you waiting for? Find your own cycling jersey, short, shoes, gloves, and all other items to embrace the track today!

Explore Singapore With Your Bike And Take Some Good Selfies

Explore Singapore - Singapore is abundant with Instagrammable spot for tourist and citizen to take a selfie and insert a thoughtful quote as a caption. Many of these spots are free for everyone to enter and features a great view. If you are an urban cyclist who likes to explore Singapore on the weekend, here’s 7 scenic spots for you to bring out the bike and camera at the same time.

1. Mount Faber Park

The Southern Ridges is one of the best place near mount Faber that you can go to enjoy the uphill ride with city view. It is considered as the toughest cycling trails. If you want to breathe normally during the selfies or boomerangs, you need to dismount your bike once in a while and push it up through the slope. But the view in here is really good. Especially in the morning and the sun still hanging just above the horizon. The green scenery and city view in afar will make you want to explore this part of Singapore for hours.

Mount Faber

Mount Faber View

2. Punggol Waterway

If you are looking for a calm and quiet place to enjoy the morning or late afternoon, then Punggol waterway is one of the best places to you. Bring out your bike and join those who walk/cycle/skate through this place in the morning or late afternoon. To join the two sides of the waterway, there are 5 bridges that spread from Sungei Punggol to Sungei Serangoon. You can go to Lorong Halus Wetland through the bridge above Sungei Serangoon and also enjoy the view in there. The view is great and you can take some selfies on the bridge or when you pass the lalang around the waterway. Best scene once again available when sun hanging low in the sky or during sunrise.

Punggol Waterway

Punggol Waterway Sunrise

Punggol Waterway Evening

3. Marina Barrage

Marina Barrage located at the mouth of Marina Channel, this place functioned as water catchment in the city. The area eventually becomes quite popular because of the view directly to the city and marina bay. You can bring your bike and go around the area that also connected to the garden by the bay; in case you want to explore Singapore's most attractive garden. City and bay view is here for your Instagram feed so you will not lose any chance to show your paid-off long ride on social media.

Marina Barrage From Above

Marina Barrage Morning View

4. Civic District

If you are a fan of cultural heritage with historical value, a civic district is a perfect place to take some great photos for your Instagram feed. When you are exploring the city, you can find a restored colonial-styled building from Raffles’ era can be found here. This place is, of course, pedestrian and cyclist-friendly so bring out your bike when you can. While you do your sight-seeing, don’t forget to take some photos as if you are in Europe.

civic district from above

civic district building

civic district

5. East Coast Park

Located at the south-east part of the island, this park runs for more than 15 kilometers long. If you want to explore Singapore on a bicycle, east coast park is the right ace to start. Through the pathway in the east coast park, you can find a lot of good spot from East Coast Park White Jetty (that ideal for fishing as well as taking selfies) to Bedok Jetty and Skate Park. The evening is the best time of the day because the shore is not too hot. But sometimes there is small waterspout across the water if it’s almost raining and you are really lucky. Make sure to take good photos but be extra careful. Because when it appears, the wind is quite strong on the beach.

Cycling at East Coast Park

East Coast Park View

6. Jurong Garden

Located in Jurong East, the garden separated into two different gardens that opens for explorers. Chinese Garden and Japanese Garden, both built in 1975 and 1974 respectively and connected through a bridge called Bridge of Double Beauty. Sound like a good place to take a selfie, right? In Chinese Garden, you can cycle to the twin pagoda to take some good selfie with the 3-storey identical-pagoda. There is also a 7-storey pagoda located in the middle of the Chinese Garden. You can also visit Garden of Abundance and see 12 Chinese Zodiac Animal sculpture and 100-years old Pomegranate Tree from China in this garden. In the Japanese Garden, you can find buildings with Japanese unique architectural and also the Lotus Pond. These two interconnected gardens usually crowded in the evening and weekends so better come in the morning if you want to have a photobomb-free selfie with your bike.

Japanese Garden

Jurong Garden Bridge

Twin Pagoda Chinese Garden

7. Changi Boardwalk

Sunrise chaser should consider this place as cycling spot. Situated at the far east area of the island and little bit north from Changi Airport, this wooden pathway is a good selfie spot that will harvest a good amount of likes for your cycling-selfie. The place also has this romantic vibes that make the sunrise watching experience perfect for you and your lover. After the sunrise, continue your explore singapore vibes by going along the coast because the strait view is also good to enjoy in the early morning.

Sunrise at Changi Boardwalk

Changi Boardwalk

Disclaimer : All photos used in this article owned by their respective owners

Rainy Season Exercise with Stationary Bike

Stationary Bike - When all wet and raining outside, all you want to do is stay inside, do nothing, eat a bowl of warm soup with blanket and books or movie as your entertainment. It sounds fun, right? Yes and no. Yes because it’s good to be warm and cozy. But not for a long period of time.

Stay Healthy With Your Own Stationary Bike

You can spend your time inside during rainy days for maybe two or three days but after that, the amount of fat that you consume will be stacked up and your body starts to change. In this case, it doesn’t get better. One of the best ways to prevent this is of course to exercise yourself. If you have a bike, then it’s time to change your it to a stationary bike for the sake of staying home and being warm.

Elite Indoor Trainer

Never underestimate the stacked up fat. It can lead up to 5 different health problem. Stay exercised during the rainy season, not just necessary; it’s an important thing to do. When you have a bike at your home, an additional indoor trainer from Rodalink line-up can help you create a stationary bike set to exercise even during the lazy rainy days.

At Rodalink, we have several Elite Trainers for you to choose from. Build your own stationary bike today using affordable Qubo Power Mag Pack or sophisticated Elite Drive Bike Trainer all available at Rodalink stores. It’s easy to mount and also use. You can even control the slope of the track so it will be just like rolling on your favorite cycling spot. You don’t need to go outside if you have this indoor trainer and your bike. Together, those will provide you with a great exercise experience from the comfort of your home.

Don’t forget to visit our store today and find the best indoor trainer. Fuse it with your bike and voila, you have a stationary bike of your own!

Ride Safe with Rodalink!

ride safe

product line-up

helmet lights bell
lock bottle bottle cage

Ride With Rodalink : Bromo Bike Tour 2018 FAQ

Bike Tour

What flight will participant take to and from Surabaya?

For the flight from Singapore to Surabaya on Friday, November 23rd, 2018, participants should use Scoot TR-264 and from Surabaya to Singapore on Sunday, November 25th, 2018, participants should use Jet Star 3K-248

Will there be a complete set of itinerary shared with participant?

After the registration process is complete, registered participants should wait for the complete set of the itinerary that will be sent through email

Do participant need to bring their own bike?

No need to bring the bike to this bike tour as the bikes used during riding will be provided by the organizer. Even so, participants should bring their own apparel and accessories necessary for the ride (helmet, shoes, jersey and short, etc).

What items should we bring to this bike tour?

A complete set of what to bring will be sent through email to the registered participants after the registration process is complete.

Can participant take photos or videos during bike tour?

Participants are allowed to take photo and videos during a tour with their own camera but in several places such as production areas of the factory, participants are not allowed to take any photo or videos.

Can one person register for himself and his friend?

Registration can be done by anyone but the personal data included in the registration form must be the data of the person being registered. One email address is valid for one person.

Rodalink Singapore Octobike Fest 2018

Octobike Fest

Singapore Sale - October is here with a lot of interesting offers for you. This month, Rodalink is ready to give you a great discount for bikes, part, accessories, and apparel. At Octobike Fest, you can find your desired items with up to 70% discount. It's a great sale from Rodalink Singapore!

From Friday, October 5th - Sunday, October 7th, you can find great products to complete your riding experience. This event will be held at Rodalink Jurong East, 18 Boon Lay Way, #01-98D Singapore Jurong East. The operational hours will be the same as the regular operational hours:

Friday - Saturday 11 AMM -8 PM

Sunday 11 AM - 4 PM

Don't miss the chance to bring home new bikes from Polygon, Marin, and Colnago a discounted price and also part, accessories, and apparel from several brands such as Elite, Shimano, Abus, Polisport and many others. Make sure you tell all of your friends about this interesting sale because we will be there only this weekend, so, don't you miss it. Save the date and come to Octobike Fest to get a chance to have a new bike.

See you at the store!

With Rodalink, Healthy is Just Two Pedals Away

Healthy Life

Life Expectancy

Choose Your Bike

Roda Bike Mountain Bike City Bike
Folding Bike Touring Bike Kids Bike

Polygon Bikes Introduces The First Power Assist Pedelec Models


Polygon Path-E - Path-E is the 1st Polygon's pedelec (pedal electric bicycle) city bike supported with an electric pedal-assist system component starting to operate through rider's pedaling power. With the help of the attached system, riders don't need to pedal as hard as riding a conventional bike, but still doing a workout and enjoying the city scenery. Path-E requires less effort to brings you further and faster. Path-E series is available in two version: Path-E Gent and Path-E Lady offering the same fun, freedom and easier city riding.

Path-E is different than Electric Bike & Motorcycle
The rider needs to pedal to operate the electric pedal-assist system component on the bike. Pedelec will stop when the rider stops pedaling the bike. Electric bike & motorcycle can be operated with its motor system, without rider's pedaling power

Path E Geometri

Polygon Path-E Advantages

Using rider's pedaling power to move the bike and using high-quality and fast charged lithium-ion battery. Polygon Path-E is good for the environment as it does not require any fuel and emit CO2

Path E Battery  Path E Baterai

Healthy Lifestyle
Path- E as a pedelec needs pedaling movement which is good for physical fitness while making riding convenient, easy and effortless (electric pedal-assist system component can be set in ON/OFF mode). Polygon Path- E enables riders of mixed abilities/fitness to ride together - shortens the time, distance, and flattens out the hills. This bike is particularly useful for elderly and rider with sports injury history who may no longer have the capacity for strenuous riding.

Path E Speed  Path E Velocimeter

Safety for Riders & Others
The electric pedal-assist system component will stop working when rider's speed reaches 25 km/h. The pedal-assist component is water resistant - rider doesn't need to worry during rain or cross water puddle. Path-E has stable control, maximum brake performance and less-effort acceleration to normal riding reducing the possibility of serious injury or physical damage

Get To Know Polygon Path-E

Overall Performace
Path-E is offering a convenient, silent and smooth ride. Path-E is created for everyone and enables riders of different abilities and fitness to ride together. With the help of the attached electric pedal-assist system, riders don't need to pedal nearly as hard as riding a conventional bike - but still can ride anywhere around the city. Rider is still doing most of the legwork but will beat any steep climbs and reach greater distances effortlessly.

Electric Pedal Assist System
Using Shimano STEPS E-6010 drive unit offering powerful and quiet assist system. Providing easy to read computer display controlling the battery, assist mode, current speed and ranges indicators. 

Path E fitur

Specific Geometry
Path-E is available in two version: Path-E Gent and Path-E Lady. Designed with perfect geometry specifically for man and woman while offering same fun, freedom and easier city riding.

Path E thumbnail
Functional Supporting Parts

Path- E is equipped with the fender, rear carrier & front light for long distance city riding

Path E Part

For more information on Path-E please visit this link right here for a better cycling experience!

Festive Promo on February 2018

Festive Promo
Bike Promotion
– February is here and it's all about making a progress after a month of new year's celebration. Here, at Rodalink Singapore, we are glad to help you making progress by giving you the best promotion this February. From bikes to trainer, from helmets to short. Here's some of our Festive Promo available on this month.

Festive Promo for your own Cycling Delight on this Month

Polygon Bikes Promo

Polygon Bikes Promo
The best from Polygon Bikes is here for your own cycling experience. We bring Polygon Premier 2 and Premier 4 for you to choose. Get special price for these two lightweight and stylish bikes now at Rodalink! You can also get the Bell Traverse Helmet for free if you buy any of these bikes. So, find your Polygon Bike now!
Colnago Bikes Promo

Colnago Bikes Promo
Geometry and design are the things that make Colnago a special ride. If you are looking forward to upgrading your speed on the street, then this Colnago CRS and Colnago A1-R will be the best choice you can get. Special price of these good-looking bikes will build up your confident on the street. Speed and agility in one bike. Grab your Colnago right now with special price at Rodalink and don't forget to claim your free Bell Traverse Helmet!

Marin Bikes Promo Marin Bikes Promo

Marin Bikes Promo
Four bikes from Marin are here for you to choose. You can choose between the funky Marin Bobcat Trail 5 and Trail 3, agile Marin San Rafel DS1 or cool-looking Marin Fairfax SC1. They are all available with a special price until February 25th, 2018. With Marin, embark on a journey across the street of Singapore with ease. Also, get your Bell Traverse Helmet for free on every purchase!

Elite Trainer Promo

Elite Trainer Promo
When it's rainy outside, bring out the trainer. You can still kick the pedal with several difficulties without going outside. Elite has two trainers that you can choose and bring home withspecial price. Kura Trainer or Turno Trainer is your bike's best friend for an exercise inside your house. Promo only available until February 25th, 2018, so don't miss it! 

Bellwether Short Promo

Bellwether Short Promo
While we are looking at the bikes and accessories, we also need some new apparel to keep us stylish as a cyclist. Grab this sophisticated-looking shorts from Bellwether from our store. You can choose Bellwether Cold flash BIB and Peak BIB for our best experience. Special price only this month, so, what are you waiting for?!

Upgrading Your Bike For a Better Cycling Experience

Collosus DH9

Upgrading Your Bike – Do your bike has already begun to lose its charm? Or maybe you're getting bored with one type of bike you have. If you are looking to upgrade your bike, then the beginning of the year is the right time to start looking for a new bike. Upgrading means the new bike should be better than the previous one that you have. That's why Rodalink has a line up of bikes that can be chosen by the riders!

Best Selection To Upgrade MTB and Road Bikes

Marin Four Corners Blue
One interesting option to upgrade the bike is Four Corners Blue from Marin Bike. The specs are high enough for the price offered. This makes Marin Four Corners is one of the best bike upgrade deals you can get. Enjoy an exciting adventure with friends and family with this one bike. From the gravel streets to the flat, entrust Marin Four Corners!

Polygon Strattos S2 700C
Speed and stability on the road are the things that you need to have if you want to perform optimally as a rider road bike. If you still have a good MTB bike, maybe the one that needs to be upgraded is your road bike. Strattos S2 700C is an option that you can pick because, in addition to the stunning specifications, Strattos also has a look that supports your style as a rider. Every responsive maneuver and extra comfort when driving will make you fall in love with this bike.

Polygon Collosus DH9
Toughness and the looks are the two indications of qualified bicycles as well as geometry that suits your needs. Polygon always presents the best bike line up that meets all of your criteria. If you are interested in upgrading your MTB bikes then thisCollosus DH9 is one of the items you should see as one of your bike candidates. Sophisticated designs and specifications that will surpass other Downhill bikes make Collosus DH9 ready to provide a truly upgraded mountain bike experience for you.

Polygon Premier 5
Cross Country will be more fun if you upgrade your bike with Premier 5 from Polygon. The convenience provided by this one hardtail bike comes from better dampening ability with 120mm travel. Not only that, the slick look of this one bike will steal your attention as you pedal through the street. Sleek and light, Premier 5 is ready to be your cycling companion.

The best bike option should be equipped with accessories that also qualified. Do not worry, Rodalink also has the best choice in the line of accessories. Starting from a lubricant that helps the drivetrain, saddle cover up trainer we have to complete your adventure. Here are three accessories for you the riders:

Finish Line Teflon Plus Dry Lube
Lubricants are an important part that is often forgotten. Keeping the drivetrain moving smoothly is a must. The riders should always check whether the chain is sufficiently lubricated or not. The addition of lubricants also needs to be scheduled because weather factors can make the lubricant less effective. Finish line as a lubricant manufacturer that provides various types of lubricants and chain cleaners brings the best lubrication with a Teflon coating for you. Teflon Plus Dry Lube is a lubricant that is easy to apply and ready to provide ease of paddling for you anywhere.

Polygon Saddle Cover MTB
The cover saddle is one of the complementary accessories that riders need to have. In addition to providing extra comfort, saddle cover will also protect the cover from weather conditions that are too hot or rainy Polygon presents a compatible MTB saddle cover for you who want to upgrade MTB bikes.

Minoura Trainer Mag Ride
Weather is always difficult to predict. A storm that can come suddenly will disrupt your cycling activities. At times like this, Minoura has a Mag Ride Trainer that you can use in bad weather. Cycling at home will feel like cycling on the real track. Easy to install and easy to control, this trainer will provide an awesome cycling for you!

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