Track Your Ride with Strava Apps

Strava App - Riding with friends and family is a fun activity indeed. We can race, train our endurance and compare those aspects with our friends and family. We also need to make sure that we follow the riding regulations implemented by the government during covid-19 situation. On that note, we may want to track our speed and endurance without cycling altogether at the same time. This is why we need a cycling app just like Strava.

Strava comes from Swedish term which means “strive” and thus built upon the idea of attitude and ambition that we want to achieve while using this app. Strava allows you to track your exercise such as run, ride, walk, swim and hike. With the GPS-based system, you can see how far you go, your pace during the activity and even the calories you burn. 

Strava was created to build a community of cyclists, riders, swimmers and hikers around the world and it has a feature where you can create a club where other users can join. If you create a cycling club, this club will show the activity of other cyclists and also showcasing the leaderboard where members can easily track the standings within the group. You can share photos of the track as shown by GPS to your followers and your club members. With Strava, you  ride whenever you want and your friends and family within the club can also see your record. If they think you did a great job on your activities, they can give you kudos as praise and vice versa. 

Strava is definitely a must-have app for those who want to have cycling as their lifestyle because it's fun and helps you track your progress alongside your loved ones. Millions of people worldwide are already joining Strava. So it’s your time to join. Get your Strava App today by clicking this link and start recording your adventure today!

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