Rainy Season Exercise with Stationary Bike

Stationary Bike - When all wet and raining outside, all you want to do is stay inside, do nothing, eat a bowl of warm soup with blanket and books or movie as your entertainment. It sounds fun, right? Yes and no. Yes because it’s good to be warm and cozy. But not for a long period of time.

Stay Healthy With Your Own Stationary Bike

You can spend your time inside during rainy days for maybe two or three days but after that, the amount of fat that you consume will be stacked up and your body starts to change. In this case, it doesn’t get better. One of the best ways to prevent this is of course to exercise yourself. If you have a bike, then it’s time to change your it to a stationary bike for the sake of staying home and being warm.

Elite Indoor Trainer

Never underestimate the stacked up fat. It can lead up to 5 different health problem. Stay exercised during the rainy season, not just necessary; it’s an important thing to do. When you have a bike at your home, an additional indoor trainer from Rodalink line-up can help you create a stationary bike set to exercise even during the lazy rainy days.

At Rodalink, we have several Elite Trainers for you to choose from. Build your own stationary bike today using affordable Qubo Power Mag Pack or sophisticated Elite Drive Bike Trainer all available at Rodalink stores. It’s easy to mount and also use. You can even control the slope of the track so it will be just like rolling on your favorite cycling spot. You don’t need to go outside if you have this indoor trainer and your bike. Together, those will provide you with a great exercise experience from the comfort of your home.

Don’t forget to visit our store today and find the best indoor trainer. Fuse it with your bike and voila, you have a stationary bike of your own!

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