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Rodalink Community - Some people said that cycling is a process and not just a one time thing. If you are interested in this sport and would like to build a great habit of it, you need to have a one stop place bike shop in Singapore where you can get all the things that you need. Long time hobby means you need to get a long time benefit too. If you are invested in this lifestyle, you need to enjoy this long process. Rodalink is not only an ordinary bike shop, but also a community that can help you upgrade your experience.

A Singapore Bike Store with a Benefit of Cycling Community

Cyclists that want to level up their experience need to have a proper support in apparel and accessories. You need to upgrade your cycling gear or add more into your collections. Rodalink has it all. From apparel to accessories, find a wide range of selection here, as well as various products from different brands.

If you join the Rodalink membership programme dubbed as Rodalink Community, you can get a chance to use your membership point during your hunt for accessories and apparel. Get 1 point for every dollar you spent. After collecting 100 points you can exchange it for a $2 discount at our store. On special occasions, there are double member points special from the community that will boost your chance of getting another discount.

This membership also offers the chance for experience-based-activity such as test ride, cycling tour to exotic islands across South East Asia and in-store activities to enrich you as a cyclist. If you enter our door, you are not just coming to a bike outlet in Singapore; you are coming to the whole cycling experience.

With the benefits and the experience, you now need to maintain your lifestyle. That's why we have mechanic and maintenance products to help your bicycle stay awesome in the long run. Even when you are tired of going to the store, you can just visit Rodalink website and choose the bike necessity.

Rodalink Community is a wholesome cycling experience for you. If you haven’t joined us, feel free to do so. If you want to browse our offline store selection, please go and click here. Happy shopping and always #ridewithrodalink!

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