How To Take A Good Care of Your Bicycle Tire

Bicycle Tire - Bicycle tires are feet and shoes that keeps your bike running smoothly. It may touch the dirtiest part of cycling adventure, but that's what makes it the most important yet delicate among all the parts. Whatever type of wheel it is, you need to give it proper care in order for it to run smoothly. Ensuring that your wheels are regularly maintained can help you minimize repairs and extend the useful life of your bicycle. Here’s some tips that you can follow through to make sure your bicycle is rolling properly on the track.

Don’t Forget To Pump Your Bicycle Tire

Take A Good Care: Pump Your Bicycle Tire

Pumping your tire can be a crucial yet forgotten part of maintaining a bicycle. Sometimes you can go for weeks without adding some air into your wheel. This situation can cause a great failure when riding. The common checking procedure that you need to do before riding is TBC (Tire, Brake and Chain). This time we will focus on the first one, especially regarding the air pressure. One simple way to check if your tire is inflated properly is to pinch the sides of the wheel; it should feel firm to the touch. If it is firm then you can hop on and just ride it. If the air pressure is not enough, you need to add some using a bicycle tire pump. Make sure you pump it with just enough air because too much air can even cause your bicycle to inflate more than it should and even explode in some cases. If you don’t have any good pump, you can check our pump collection and purchase yours today.

Cleaning Your Dirty Tire

Take A Good Care: Cleaning Your Dirty Tire

Yes we know that a tire's job is to touch the ground, but it doesn’t mean we have to leave it dirty after we use it. The caked dirt left on the tire after riding usually consists of small gravel and pebbles that can be harmful to the wheel. Cleaning it using water spray is the best way to increase your tire’s age. Once this has been done go ahead and clean the rim of the bicycle wheel. This process will help you quickly spot any rusted spots that may need to be lubricated. Check our lubricant to find the good one for your wheels.

Use Your Bicycle Tire According To Its Terrain

Take A Good Care: Tire According To Its Terrain

Some of us have the habit of using things for all purposes. We use a bowl to put our soup but by adding a lid, we can use it to keep some cooking ingredients safe for days. This method cannot be done on bicycle tires. For example, you cannot use road bike tires on MTB trails. Why? Because your wheel will burst open or you will be stuck in place once you bring your road bikes to the rocky, muddy trail of mountain bikes. The trail has so many small obstacles that cannot be overcome if you use a road bike. You need a proper textured MTB tire in order for you to safely venture into an MTB trail. This is the ultimate rule. So, don’t you dare try it. If you are looking to upgrade/change your MTB tire because it looks smooth after months of riding, go check our selections of tires.

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