Do’s and Don’ts During Circuit Breaker Period

Circuit Breaker - Circuit Breaker will be extended June 1, and it means we need to take this matter seriously during the meantime in order to achieve the true purpose of this measure; stop the spread of Covid-19 within the community. Some of us might already know what to do, but in case you forget or are unsure, here’s something that you should and shouldn’t do during the Circuit Breaker period. 


Using Bike To Work

If your work is a few kilometers away and you still need to go to work because you are working in the essential business, better to use a transportation that won’t let you be in close proximity with someone else. Bicycles can be one of the transportation that you can use to do physical-distancing while also doing some small exercise while you are on the way. Just don’t forget to make sure your bike is in a proper condition before you do the B2W.

Go To Buy Food At Hawker Centre

If you miss the taste of one food from a food stall at Hawker Centre, yes you can go and buy your food there. But make sure you buy it as takeaways and go back home to eat. Don’t forget to clean your hand properly before you dig in!

Wear Mask Everywhere You Go

Yes, you hear it right. Every time you go outside, please wear a mask. Fail to comply with this will get you fined, so be extra careful and follow the regulation.

Stay at Home as Much as Possible

The virus can be spread from people who don't even show any symptoms, so better stay inside as much as possible. Find some interesting things you can do with your family. You can play games, puzzle, make funny videos, do exercise and enjoy the family time as much as possible. It is because we are all sure that this too will pass and we will have a great time outside when it’s over!


Riding In Groups 

We know you miss your friends who always ride with you throughout the PCN and bike park. We miss our friends too, but if you want to go out and ride your bike for work or buy stuff, please do it just by yourself. Also return home straight away after.

Dining Out

Dining out is prohibited because it will be a good chance for people to infect each other. All restaurants and cafes also no longer provide the dine-in service so it will be hard for you to do this kind of activity during the circuit breaker period. Restrain yourself from eating at your favorite hawker centre and instead go buy the takeaways and make yourself comfy at home before enjoying your meal.

Go To Barbershop To Get a Haircut

Unfortunately, barber shops will be closed during this period. You should learn to take care of your hair for now or get another family member to give you some trim after a week to maintain it under not-so-crazy-level.

Go Pray in The Place of Worship

All the places of worship are now close as the gathering will be another ground for the covid-19 to spread. For the time being, pray at your own place, with your family and loved ones. Stay positive and believe that we will see a better day soon!

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