Choosing Bicycle For Your Loved Ones

Choosing Bicycle - We all agree that cycling is a fun sport. Especially if we can do it with the people close to us. Whether it's our friend or family member, cycling with them can bring extra fun to the activity. But if they don’t have a bike, you should help them find the proper bicycle first. To help you choose the best bicycle for your loved one, here’s some tips from Rodalink.

Some technical aspects should be the most important thing to think about. The riding skill of the rider, frame compatibility with heights, handlebar-type preference and also the types of trail that will be used by the rider. For example, if your loved ones will only ride along the neighborhood or at least go on commuting in an urban area, make sure you give them the proper bicycle. Dual-Suspension bikes are absolutely a no-no.

After deciding the uses of the bike, time to review the cycling skill of your loved ones. Of course we want them to ride with us in every trail that we can tackle, but let’s be realistic; they are not us. With enough riding experience, they can be. But not now. Examining their skills on riding will help us define the best bicycle for them. This will be related closely to the frame compatibility and also their handlebar preference. Choosing a frame of course will be determined by the size of the cyclist's inseam and heights, this should be taken into consideration and our loved ones should at least try the bike to determine the compatibility of frame and handlebar.

Next things are less technical aspects that need to be determined. The colour of the bike is an example. What kind of colour do they like? Will it fit your bicycle colour if you guys want to go on a couple-mode? There are a lot of bicycle stores who provide detailed photos of the bicycle if you want to see it before deciding which one to purchase. The perfect solution is always to come to the store and bring the bicycle outside to see how the colour goes under the sunlight..

You should also consider the budget. Based on the selection from the technical aspects you’ve considered, you need to see which one goes along with your budget limit. For a beginner you should spend at least S$800 - S$1000 because you also don’t want your loved ones to have a bad experience with their first bicycle. A moderate bicycle with good parts and accessories will help the new cyclist enjoy the ride even more. You need to help our loved ones enjoy the bicycle picking process and when they learn how to be a proper cyclist. If you do it right, then in no time they will definitely be as excited about bicycles as you are.

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