Bicycle Service 101 : What You Need To Know

Bicycle Service - In the circuit breaker period, you will have to rely on your bicycle even more. Some people use the bike to go to work, some to go grocery shopping and some even use it for exercise because it’s either jogging or cycling that you can do in this period. If you use your bike regularly, you have to make sure that the bike is always in the proper condition.

The first thing is to do a regular check when you want to use it. You can use ABC rules to do the proper check. A stands for Air, B stands for Brake and C means Chain. You need to make sure your tires have enough air pressure to accommodate your weight during the ride. You also need to make sure your brake works properly in order to stop your bike in time of need. Lastly, your bike’s chain needs to be working smoothly to convert your pedal movement into wheel movement. If your chain shows some irregularities such as unusual noise, maybe you shouldn’t ride your bike and need to do a proper service to fix it.

When you feel like your bicycle needs to get its fine tuning treatment, don’t hesitate to go and find a good service for your bike. Even when you don’t ride often, once a year you need to do the fine tuning on the bicycle.

Fine tuning is usually related to simple checking and regulating the system of the bicycle. On the other hand, your bike sometimes requires more serious service, especially after a rough or long ride with certain conditions (in a muddy track for example). Other than ABC, rules, here’s something you have to make sure they are all done on your bicycle during the bicycle servicing process :

Securing All Bolts

Securing the bolts on the bike not only makes sure that it’s tightened, but also makes sure it’s aligned nicely with the way your bike moves. Some parts like derailleur should not be too tight and must be adjusted accordingly to make sure it moves smoothly. Bolts that secure your handle bar to the handle stem should also be checked and you can loosen it a little bit before adjusting your handlebar.

Degreasing and Lubricating

Cleaning a degreased chain and drive train is one of the important things during bike servicing. Without a clean drive train, the bike will not work properly. After the cleansing process, applying lubricant to the drive train will help the mechanism to go smooth during the ride.

Changing Broken Parts

Even though you have any sentimental attachment to some of your bicycle parts, make sure you throw it away with no regret when servicing. The mechanic that is working on your bicycle will tell you what part to replace during the servicing process. Make sure you also know which part that was recently replaced so you can estimate when to buy a new one.

For now, only essential bicycle servicing, repairs and maintenance are available during this period at Rodalink stores. You can come and take care of your bike with our mechanics. Also, don’t you worry, because we have circuit breaker prevention measures aligned with the government applied in our store.

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