Happy Chinese New Year New Me

Kung Hei Fat Choi!! 新年快乐!

Rodalink Singapore hopes you have a healthy year in 2023 and much success!

Prepare yourself to start your new year's resolution by giving yourself a new look. Here are items that might make you look brand new:


Get new bike accessories and upgrade your looks! Start with your worn-out bike accessories. It would be great to change it with a new one lah. Or you've never owned one and want to buy it for new looks, from bike computers, bottles, bottle cages, bike bags, bike stands, and bicycle lamps, to fenders or mudguards. Discover more of Rodalink Singapores' bike accessories collection now!


Looks matter!
Just as important as aerodynamics, the clothing you wear while riding can hugely influence your looks, comfort, and performance. You don't have one yet or want a new one? It's the right time to make a move and change your looks.
You can find cycling jerseys, bike shorts, sunglasses, to light cycling gloves at Rodalink Singapore. Find more about our bike apparel collection now!


If you've been thinking about trying something new with a new bike, maybe it's time you got the bike you've been eyeing. Rodalink Singapore offers the best bikes with high-quality components from renowned brands like Polygon Bikes and Marin Bikes. Get any bikes you want from Rodalink Singapore and deliver them to your address in a click, hassle-free!


Making a difference in your look is a good thing, right? Besides buying new items to beautify your bike or outfit, you can start cleaning and maintaining your bike. Cleaning traditions are a must before Chinese New Year, from the residences, and vehicles, to your hair. Your bike is the same. Let your bike look brand new and clean always, and hit the road proudly. Discover Rodalink Singapores' Bike Maintenance Collection now!

Auspicious Chinese New Year

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