1. What is hoolah?

    Hoolah is a payment method providing installment payments with zero interest charges using either debit or credit cards.

    Is there a limit to how much I can spend?

    Each customer has a limit that varies and determined by the Hoolah system. The more you use Hoolah, the more likely you will be able to spend more. 

  2. What types of cards can I use?

    You can use both debit & credit cards (Visa and MasterCard) & UnionPay cards issued by the bank. Kindly take a note that the following type or cards are not supported for Hoolah:

    1. Prepaid/ Virtual Cards (BigPay, GrabPay, Revolut, YouTrip, etc)
    2. AMEX
  3. Why am I unable to place an order?

    Here are the most common reasons why you're unable to place an order:

    1. Insufficient funds in your card;
    2. Declined by the bank;
    3. Order timed-out (idle for more than 20 minutes on the checkout page);
    4. Due to card spending limit;
    5. Incorrect/Missing information on your checkout page/Hoolah account;
    6. Outstanding installment(s).
  4. How if I forget to pay the next installments?

    You no longer need to worry about late repayment, we have automated your future installments for ensuring your convenience and comfort.

    Hoolah also will send reminders via email for all your upcoming payments. You can always refer to the consumer portal or download the hoolah app as it allows you to keep track and have a full overview of your outstanding payments. Please ensure your card has sufficient funds to make installment payments.

  5. I have paid my scheduled installment, but it was not updated

    We suggest to directly contact Hoolah via live chat or email. For further assistance.

  6. Pay nothing extra when you pay on time

    If you make repayments on time, you’ll only ever pay the price of the item you’ve purchased. The only fee hoolah charges is a late payment penalty for missed payments:

    Order Value Late Payment Charge in respect of each Instalment
    SGD 0.00 – 99.99 SGD 5
    SGD 100.00 – 999.99 SGD 15
    SGD 1,000.00 and above SGD 30

    Robert makes a purchase using hoolah with an Order Value of $150. This will create three (3) separate and equal Instalments of $50 each. The first instalment is paid on the date following the date of the purchase. Each time Robert fails to pay the remaining Instalments by the scheduled due date and within any accompanying grace period (where applicable), he will be charged a Late Payment Charge of $15. The maximum Late Payment Charge payable by Robert on this Order is $45 (i.e. 3 overdue Instalments incurring a Late Payment Charge of $15 each, represented as 3 x $15 = $45).

  7. Purchase Payment

    You will be able to pay for a purchase made over three (3) instalments. The first instalment is payable one (1) calendar day after your purchase of the relevant goods/services. The second and third instalments are payable 30 days and 60 days after your purchase of the relevant goods/services, respectively.

    To be able to defer your payment as above, you must have an account with hoolah. Payment will generally only be accepted via debit card or credit card.


  8. The Instalment Payment Structure operates in the following manner:

    • First, you will need to select that you wish to utilise the Instalment Payment Structure on the Site's checkout page. You will then be prompted to log in to your Account, or in the case where you do not have an Account, create an Account.
    • After successfully logging into your Account or creating your Account (as the case may be), you may be required to input further information (e.g. debit or credit card number). Please note that your Order may be rejected or unsuccessful if you fail to create an Account or provide further information as required, or if any information provided is incorrect or incomplete.
    • You will then be required to review the following information that is generated on the hoolah Platform:
      • The total price of your Order;
      • A list of the payment amounts that we are entitled to receive from you and the relevant due dates for each payment (“Payment Schedule”); and
      • Your preferred Payment Method ("Preferred Payment Method").
    • Next, you must click "confirm" on the hoolah Platform to confirm that you accept the Payment Schedule ("Payment Schedule Confirmation"), the details of which will be available for view in your Account. Your Payment Schedule is hereby incorporated into this Contract by reference along with your Payment Schedule Confirmation.
    • Your Order is subject to approval. If the Order is approved, as described in your Payment Schedule, you will be notified via the hoolah Platform and we may collect three (3) equal payments (each, an “Instalment”) by charging your Preferred Payment Method on the dates specified in your Payment Schedule.
  9. Late Payment

    • You agree to pay the late payment charges specified in the Schedule (Please refer "6. Pay nothing extra when you pay on time").
    • In the case of Refunds and Reversals, the Late Payment Charges will be adjusted in the following manner:
      • In the case of a partial Refund, any Late Payment Charges shall be calculated based on the revised Order Value post-Refund; and
      • In the case of a full Refund or a Reversal, Late Payment Charges will not be applicable against outstanding Instalments for such Refunded or Reversed Order.
    • Hoolah may in our sole discretion remove, reverse, waive or void generally any Late Payment Charge.
    • For the purposes of this Clause:
      • "Order Value" means the monetary value of an Order, being an amount equal to the price of the Product(s) purchased in an Order, after including any goods, sales, services and/or similar taxes imposed under Singapore law at the time of purchase, and after deducting any applicable vouchers, discounts or gift cards.
      • "Refund" means any refund on any Order that you may request from hoolah.
      • "Reversal" means any reversal of any Order that you may request from hoolah.
  10. I need help with my repayments as I am unable to make payment on time

    We understand that there may be times where you'll face financial hardships or unpredictable situations in life, especially during this COVID-19 period. We are here to help you.

    If you require further assistance in settling your installment repayments or wish to seek advice, please get in touch with hoolah via live chat or email.

    Please do not wait until your installment repayments are overdue. Reach out to hoolah as early as possible.

  11. How does full refund works?

    You will need to reach out to the Rodalink.com/sg to request an order cancellation/refund.

    Once the Rodalink.com/sg has initiated the Full Refund, hoolah will process the refund amount back to your card (credit) or bank account (debit) which you had initially used.

    Typically, the whole process will take up to 10 business days for the amount to be reflected in your card (credit) or bank account (debit).

    An email confirmation will be sent to you. Alternatively, you can view your payment status via the consumer portal or download the hoolah app.

  12. I have not received the product or would like to make a refund after receiving the products

    Rodalink.com/sg have a full refund policy or you can replace it with another product with a similar value for products that have not been shipped. You can immediately contact us via email here, so that we can immediately submit a data return to hoolah.


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