Marin Bike Warranty

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  1. Warranty Coverage Period
    Coverage Warranty Period
    Carbon Fiber Frames and Forks 5 years
    Rigid Frames and Forks Lifetime
    Full Suspension Frames 5 years

    Note: The frame-fork warranty period is valid from the date of purchase.

    1. Warranty Coverage
      1. Marin warranty only covers bike frame and non-suspension fork.
      2. The complete bicycle is warranted for one year (from the date of purchase), including all original parts on the bicycle except tires, tubes, chains and other wear & tear items. Paint and decals are covered under this warranty.
    2. Warranty is valid only for
      1. Bike/frame that is bought from Marin authorized dealers/shops (proven by official invoice/receipt/warranty card).
      2. The warranty is only valid for the original owner and is not transferable.
      3. Registered purchase at or through Marin authorized dealers/shops.
    3. Warranty may become void if
      1. Bikes that have been modified/improved non-technically such as (repaint etc.) or technical modifications/improvements such as (addition/reduction of structures and parts on the bikes) which are not recommended/incompatible, maintenance – improper use, and involved in an accident.
      2. Bike/frame is purchased second-hand or in not-new condition without the original packaging.
      3. The frame number or other identification (such as decals) have been altered, defaced or removed.
      4. Damage occurring during delivery of the products (such claims must be presented directly to the delivery party).
      5. The warranty does not apply if the original decal / sticker is modified / removed.
      6. The bike is an ex-prototype or ex-demo bike.
    4. Submitting Warranty Claim Guidelines
      1. Contact the dealer/shop where the bike was originally purchased and describe the issue(s).
      2. Bring the bike to the dealer/shop and present your ID card.
      3. Warranty claims will be forwarded to Marin Warranty Team with following evidence:
        • Bike frame number.
        • Picture(s) of defective part(s).
        • Picture(s) of the complete bike.
      4. The defective part(s) and bike may need to be sent to Marin distributor when necessary at owner’s cost
      (*) The final decision of every warranty claim is taken under Marin discretion.
    5. Limitation of Warranty
      1. Parts/components/spare parts/wear & tear out on the bike are not covered by the warranty.
      2. Claims for all non-Marin brand parts will be handled by each brand warranty policies. 
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