Assembled Bikes in Box

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Is it possible to get free shipping for my bike purchase?
Is it possible to expedite the bike delivery to my home?

We have heard your requests! Stay fit with cycling is now faster and more convenient. Rodalink Singapore comes with an Assembled Bikes in Box option for you. Get more benefits by adding these items to your cart.

So, what is Assembled Bikes in Box?
Assembled Bikes in Box is an option for bike purchase where you can get your bike in 99% assembled conditions. The only thing left to do is just adjust the handlebar and equip the pedals by yourself. The bike will be sent with an instruction and folding tool - you just need to scan the barcode inside the guide and see the instruction video online. Easy to apply and only take 5 minutes!

By choosing this bike option, you can get the bike faster (only takes around 3-5 working days) and you will enjoy free shipping of the bike straight to your door. This can be an alternative for you who loves to get your bike as soon as possible.

What are the differences between 99% Bike and the regular one?

Assembled Bikes in Box Regular
Form of bike received by customer Customers will only need to adjust and equip the handlebar and the pedals by following instructions provided. Customers will receive the bike in full-assembly, ready to ride.
Free Shipping worth $25 Yes No
Processing time 3-5 days More than 3-5 days
Next day delivery option Available
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Not available

How can I know if the bike that I am interested in is available in the Assembled Bikes In Box option?

Simply find a bike picture with “Assembled Bikes” mark, choose the bike variant that you want and check out! Enjoy the benefits of purchasing the bike.

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