Bicycle Service 101 : What You Need To Know

Bicycle Service - In the circuit breaker period, you will have to rely on your bicycle even more. Some people use the bike to go to work, some to go grocery shopping and some even use it for exercise because it’s either jogging or cycling that you can do in this period. If you use your bike regularly, you have to make sure that the bike is always in the proper condition.

The first thing is to do a regular check when you want to use it. You can use ABC rules to do the proper check. A stands for Air, B stands for Brake and C means Chain. You need to make sure your tires have enough air pressure to accommodate your weight during the ride. You also need to make sure your brake works properly in order to stop your bike in time of need. Lastly, your bike’s chain needs to be working smoothly to convert your pedal movement into wheel movement. If your chain shows some irregularities such as unusual noise, maybe you shouldn’t ride your bike and need to do a proper service to fix it.

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Circuit Breaker Measures at Rodalink Stores

If you are currently using your bicycle daily for work or to buy groceries, then you need to take care of your bicycle more often than before. You need to make sure your bicycle has a proper tuning to face more obstacles as you ride them down the road on a daily basis. During the Circuit Breaker period, Rodalink stores will continue to open for you. During this period, ONLY essential bicycle servicing, repairs and maintenance are available. So you can still visit Rodalink stores for part replacement or just to fine-tune your bicycle.

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Choosing Bicycle For Your Loved Ones

Choosing Bicycle - We all agree that cycling is a fun sport. Especially if we can do it with the people close to us. Whether it's our friend or family member, cycling with them can bring extra fun to the activity. But if they don’t have a bike, you should help them find the proper bicycle first. To help you choose the best bicycle for your loved one, here’s some tips from Rodalink.

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Taking Care of Your Bicycle at Home

Bicycle Care - Taking care of your bicycle at home is something that every cyclist needs to do in order to make sure your bike is ready whenever you need them. There is also an option where you can bring your bicycle to the nearest bicycle shop with a cleaning and degreasing service. But for those who want to save some more money by doing bicycle care at home, we have some important tips for you.

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Rodalink Warehouse Sale 2019

Warehouse Sale

Warehouse Sale - It’s time for another warehouse sale by Rodalink. Find some good deals on items that will help you upgrade your riding experience. With discount up to 90% and also $2 on several items, you can definitely filled your basket to the max.

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Best Place To Have a Ride In Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia - Singapore is one of the smallest countries in Southeast Asia alongside Brunei and Timor Leste. The size of its country makes Singapore doesn’t have a lot of riding track if it comes to MTB riding or touring. You can count all the MTB track across Singapore with fingers on your two hands. For those who want to have awesome long riding experience, Southeast Asia is abundant with places for you. Here’s some great riding place that a Singaporean can visit to have great riding experience.

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Exciting Ways To Celebrate Singapore Independence Day

Independence Day

Independence Day - The time when all Singaporean love their country and being very patriotic is near. Yes, it’s August! The Independence day is coming right around the corner and it’s time to plan some activities other than simply watching Singapore National Day Parade on August 9. 

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Bike Accessories To Keep You City Cycling-Ready

Bike Accessories - City cycling is the best thing to do when you live in Singapore. This city has a lot of place to enjoy while on top of your city bike. But of course, you need to be prepared for the experience the best of city cycling of Singapore. That’s why you need.

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Road Bike Experience : From Cycling Jersey To Lights

Cycling Jersey - If you don’t want to engage in a muddy environment as this rainy season approaching, you can try the road riding instead of MTB riding. Road riding has its own fun since you can engage in a very fast riding with city view. There are some important things you need to prepare before starts your road riding adventure. Cycling jersey, short and helmets are among those things that you need. Here is a list of what to prepare!

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Explore Singapore With Your Bike And Take Some Good Selfies

Explore Singapore - Singapore is abundant with Instagrammable spot for tourist and citizen to take a selfie and insert a thoughtful quote as a caption. Many of these spots are free for everyone to enter and features a great view. If you are an urban cyclist who likes to explore Singapore on the weekend, here’s 7 scenic spots for you to bring out the bike and camera at the same time.

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