How To Choose Your Own Bicycle Pedal With Ease

MTB Pedal - Long rides require a comfort bicycle with durable parts that will hold even during the toughest time on the track. Most bicycles were made using parts that fit their designated tracks, but sometimes when the comfort aspect comes into play, you would need to change the parts according to your liking. One of the most important parts is the pedal. Why? Because while on the bike, you will spend the entire time kicking the thing to give you a boost forward. Whether you use a MTB or road bike pedal, you need to choose carefully. We give you some insight on how to choose the right one for a better cycling experience.

MTB Pedal Pro and Cons

MTB Pedal  Pro and Cons

For all the mountain bikers out there, choosing a pedal is a work on its own. You need to decide whether you want the clipless or just a regular flat one. The flat pedal is usually a comfortable choice if you are a beginner rider. If you don’t want to use dedicated mountain bike shoes and use whatever you want for the ride, then you should use this one. This also suitable for you who ride on the slippery, wet terrain with unpredictable terrain.

On the other hand, clipless mountain bike pedals are a great choice if you are an advanced cyclist who wants total control (considering you can maneuver your bike quite well) of the bicycle. It is also suitable for you if you value efficiency over convenience, because your movement and cadence will be a lot efficient compared to when you used the flat bar pedal. Consider to get one from these type? You might interest in checking our selection here.

Consideration On Road Bike Pedal

Consideration On Road Bike Pedal

For road bikes that usually come with a more stable terrain, clipless pedals are the best choice. With your shoes connected to it, you transfer power when you pull up and push down. Choose  the flat one if you need to quickly take your feet off the pedals or want comfort while walking in the shoes that don’t have a bike cleat. 

If you decide on clipless, be sure your pedals, cleats and shoes are made to work as a system. You can shop for either the shoes or pedals first, just keep the compatibility in mind as you decide. Bike cleats may be sold with the pedals or separately. To find your own road bike pedal, simply check our selection here! 


Now you can start choosing the best pedal for your cycling adventure this weekend. Choose wisely, but if you don’t feel like it fits, feel free to get another one. Two is better than one, they say. Have a great time cycling!

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