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  1. Bellwether Supreme 2.0 Bike Gloves
  2. Bellwether Supreme Gel Gloves
  3. Giro Jag Road Bike Gloves
  4. Bellwether Pursuit Gel Gloves
  5. Bellwether Ergo 2.0 Bike Gloves
  6. Bellwether Flight 2.0 Bike Gloves
  7. Bellwether Overland Bike Gloves
  8. Bellwether Flight Bike Gloves
  9. Bellwether Direct Dial Bike Gloves
  10. Polygon Durango All Mountain Gloves
  11. Polygon Areli All Mountain Gloves
  12. Giro Bravo Gel Glove
  13. Giro Strade Dure Sgel Bike Gloves
  14. Giro Monaco II Bike Gloves
  15. Giro Supernatural Bike Gloves
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Get comfort and safety while cycling with the best bike gloves in Singapore

Bicycle gloves have many benefits for cycling activities. One of the main functions of bicycle gloves is to provide additional grip and control when riding a bicycle. This is because sweat to rainwater can make bicycle handlebars slippery. Without gloves, the cyclist is more likely to slip in such conditions. By wearing gloves, you can also be protected from the constant friction between your hands and the handlebars. This friction can cause abrasions or injuries that will make your riding experience less enjoyable. In addition, the pads contained in bicycle gloves can help dampen vibrations when cycling, thereby avoiding the sensation of numbness or Carpal syndrome.

Cycling gloves come in many types. When viewed from the type of cycling, gloves for mountain bikes (MTB) and road bikes that are usually used on the highway have different designs. Mountain bike gloves have pads on the palms that are equipped with grooves for maximum grip. Meanwhile, road bike gloves generally have softer bearings to avoid shocks. This is because road bikes don't have better suspension than mountain bikes. Bicycle gloves have two types of styles, namely half-finger gloves or fingerless gloves and full-finger gloves that cover up to the fingertips. When cycling on public roads, fingerless gloves are better because they allow the rider to control the brakes and shifters. Meanwhile, when cycling in mountains, gloves with full fingers can be chosen so that they can get better protection.

Both types of gloves are made of synthetic leather and other synthetic materials such as polyester and spandex which have been proven to provide comfort and good mobility. Some products even have breathability features that can minimize the production of hand sweat while cycling. You also have to pay attention to the right size because it can determine the comfort and safety of cycling. Gloves that are too big can cause your hands to slip on the handlebars, while gloves that are too small can block blood flow.

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