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In general, the benefits of maintenance on bicycles are, of course, to improve and increase the service life or productivity of a bicycle unit. In addition to regular servicing, cleaning your bike can be both enjoyable and difficult. Cleaning a bicycle is an activity that must be carried out so that the bicycle is more durable, clean, and comfortable to use. Cleaning a bicycle the wrong way will make the bicycle more quickly damaged, due to rust or lack of lubricant. Many components on bicycles are not waterproof, difficult to clean, and difficult to dry, so we must be correct when cleaning bicycles.

There are several ways you can do bike maintenance, including chain lube, degreaser, and bike cleaning. You can use chain oil (chain lube) so that the bike chain is protected and well-lubricated. There are 2 main types of chain lube, wet chain lube, and dry chain lube. Wet chain lube is usually recommended for extreme conditions like wet on or off-road cycling because wet lube longest lasting and most water-resistant lubricant. Besides, dry chain lube is best for riding on or off-road in dry conditions because dry lube attracts less dirt and grime. So that, your bike chain does not wear out easily because friction is minimized.

You can also degreaser your bike to dissolve oil, dirty grease, stuck oil, and dirt. For bike cleaning, you can use a cleaner kit and special cleaning fluid for bikes so you don't damage your favorite bike! Clean dirt, clay, road grime, chain soils, and all kind of residues off all surfaces of your bike with little to no scrubbing. There are so many choices of bike maintenance products such as Wheelset Sealant, Brake Fluid, Greaser, and many more according to the type and renowned brand, visit Rodalink Malaysia's website and get anything you need!

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